Region 3 Championship Results

Results for the Region 3 Championship can be found on our Competition Results page.

Region 3 Championships Video Livestream

A video livestream for the Region 3 Championships can be viewed at FloSports.

2021 Region 3 Championships & Scholarship Info Posted

Information regarding the 2021 Region 3 Championships in Fort Worth, TX can be found here.

The 2021 Region 3 Scholarship application can be found here.

2020 Region 3 Academic Scholarship Info Posted

You may find information regarding the Region 3 Academic Scholarships for 2020 here. All applications are due by April10th.

2020 Region 3 Championship Info Posted

You can find info regarding the 2020 Region 3 Championships here.

Region 3 Board Minutes (May 2019) Posted

The Board minutes from the Region 3 Board meeting in Lubbock, TX on May 3, 2019 have been posted here. These minutes will include information regarding funding for the upcoming international events.